Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 May 2022 Written Updates

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11 May 2022 Written Episode Update: Akshu’s Bidaai Rituals Are Done

The Episode starts with Abhi and Akshu meeting both the families and taking blessings. Hamari banno pyaari..plays… They see Neil wearing her sandals. Neil says sorry, I can’t give this, your family couldn’t crack the deal. Abhi and Akshu meet Aarohi. Vansh says one thing is left now. They ward off the bad sight. Abhi and Akshu feed sweets to each other. Neil removes the sandals and says I can’t wear this for long, I got a back ache. Akshu asks will you take money or… Neil says I never wanted money, just wanted to change the rasam. She asks shall I wear it. He says yes, sit. He cleans the sandals and makes her wear it. He says I m your Laxman and you are my Sita. Suwarna and Dadi get happy. Akshu cries happily. She asks what do you want in Nek. Neil says nothing, Abhi got his love, Manjiri got her daughter and I got my lovely Bhabhi, we don’t want anything else. He sings Wah Wah ramji and dances with everyone. They take a family pic. Dadi says make the groom and the bride sit in the room until the next ritual. Harsh says we have a plan, a cocktail party and cake cutting ceremony, there is a joint conference of investors and medical practitioners, we want to make them meet Abhi, he is the face of Birla hospital, it won’t take much time, then we will continue these rasams, what happened, any problem. Dadi says you should have told us before. He says I also didn’t do it. He asks Abhi, Anand and Mahima to come. Abhi says your team would have got doctors’ coat. Harsh says you got married. Abhi says you would remember Akshu is my wife. Harsh says yes, Akshu and Goenkas can come if they want. Anand says you are also our family now. Manjiri says both the families will be with Abhi and Akshu. They go. Manish gets angry. Dadi says they are groom’s family, we can’t upset them.

Abhi and Akshu cut the cake in the party. Harsh congratulates them. Abhi feeds the cake to Akshu. Harsh attends the guests. Dadi says puja happened in the house, this alcohol…. Suwarna says leave it, as they want. Akshu hears Harsh and Mahima telling the guests about Abhi and Akshu’s love marriage. The man says maybe Abhi doesn’t want a doctor for him. Harsh says Abhi rejected the offers, forget it. Mahima asks Akshu to come there. She introduces Akshu. Manjiri says she is also a doctor, she heals people my music therapy. The lady asks does it work or just a marketing gimmick. Akshu says no, music helps in lessening stress and uplifts the mood. Abhi comes and asks what happened, did Harsh say anything. Akshu signs no. He says you come and have food. Manjiri asks them to go and have food. She says I won’t let this happen with Akshu, Abhi will never let this happen. Abhi and Akshu perform the aarti and pray. Suwarna and Dadi say bidaai isn’t today, we have a ritual that bride stays in Maayka for 11 days and does bhajan kirtan, she goes to Sasural on 12th day. Akshu asks what. Abhi asks can I come along, I can do puja well. They laugh and ask him to take Akshu with him. Manjiri says I knew it, you are joking. Abhi says yes, you too. Manish gets emotional about bidaai. Dadi says Abhi has to tell us some poetry to us. Abhi says I don’t know poetry, I know such rasam doesn’t exist. Manjiri says it happens. Vansh says then Akshu won’t go with you. Abhi does shayari. Akshu and everyone smile. They all clap. Dadi asks him to take his bride, she can’t get anyone more loving than him.

Akshu’s bidaai ritual is done. She recalls her childhood. She cries and asks why are you crying when you all wanted me to go. Kairav says I didn’t wish you to get married and go, when I saw Abhi and your love, I thought I m being selfish. He hugs her. She cleans his glasses. She says I will stay close to your heart. She hugs Vansh and says I will see your vlogs. Vansh says love you. Akshu hugs Aarohi. She wipes Manish’s tears and hugs. She meets Akhilesh, Dadi and Suwarna. They all hug her and cry. Suwarna says this day has finally arrived. Akshu says I m scared to live there alone without you. Suwarna says Manjiri will help you, you have to handle every relation, you are Kartik and Naira’s daughter, they have kept every relation well, you have to do the same. Akshu cries and sits down. She says I can’t do this. Abhi looks on.

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