This Weekend, Gul Panag And Son Nihal Went For A Joy Ride At The National Rail Museum


This Weekend, Gul Panag And Son Nihal Went For A Joy Ride At The National Rail Museum

Gul Panag shared this photo (courtesy gulpanag )


  • Gul Panag shared glimpses of her trip to the National Rail Museum
  • Gul Panag toured the museum with her son Nihal
  • “Great fun for kids,” she wrote

New Delhi:

If there’s any celebrity who is known for being a student for life, Gul Panag has to be one of them. She is an actor, aviator, entrepreneur and serious traveller and adventurer all rolled into one. So, where did her recent outing take her to? She did not have to step out of Delhi for this one. Gul Panag and her son Nihal went to visit the National Rail Museum for the weekend and the duo seemed to have lots of fun there. She posted photos and videos of the weekend outing on her Instagram page and we love her fun moments with Nihal as they enjoy the toy train ride or simply look around the museum.

In the caption, she gave an elaborate description of the place and their experience for the day. She wrote, “The National Rail Museum in Delhi is a treasure trove of all things locomotive. From retired heritage engines to scale models. Fantastic. You have the option of walking on a path to view the displays. Or you can take the Joy Train that takes you all around. There’s also a Toy Train that gives a great view of the displays – great fun for kids.”

Gul Panag loves these outings with her son. The two seem to be on a museum spree this weekend and we couldn’t miss it. Yesterday, they both dropped at the Air Force Museum in South West Delhi. The photos and videos from that trip are also on her page and we loved to see the mother-son duo being mesmerised by the gallery of aircraft and the history that they represent. Gul Panag wrote her review in the caption, “Spent a lovely morning at the Air Force Museum. Swipe for free glimpses. Whether you’re an av-geek or not, this place is a ‘must visit’ – not only for the vast and varied display of aircraft, and components but also for the immaculate state in which the Indian Airforce has kept it. Do try the veg burger at the Longewala Cafe. The souvenir and memorabilia shop is exceptional.”

Earlier this month, the adventure lover opened up about her journey to becoming an aviator by choice. She mentioned the naysayers and her own dwindling self-will during the process. But now, she cherishes her Private Pilot’s Licence that she got five years ago. Gul Panag calls it a “triumph of self-belief.”

Gul Panag knows to breeze through not just a weekend trip but through life with all its nuisance. What are your thoughts?


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