Spanish court drops genocide case against Polisario Front leader


MADRID: Spain’s High Court on Thursday dropped an investigation into alleged war crimes and genocide against Western Sahara independence leader Brahim Ghali, whose hospitalization in Spain caused a diplomatic row with Morocco.
Ghali and other Polisario Front leaders were accused by human rights groups and Western Sahara individuals of genocide, murder, terrorism, torture and disappearances, a court document said.
Ghali had appeared remotely in a court hearing last month as part of the investigation. His lawyer said he denied any wrongdoing.
The High Court ruled that most of alleged facts brought against Ghali were covered by status of limitation. It said there was not enough evidence to support the accusations of genocide.
The admission of Ghali for medical treatment in a Spanish hospital in the northern city of Logrono in April without warning Morocco sparked an acrimonious dispute between the two countries.
Morocco responded by relaxing border controls allowing thousands of migrants to enter the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.


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