Mira Rajput Gets A Makeover From The Usual Suspect. See Her Adorable Post


Mira Rajput Gets A Makeover From The Usual Suspect. See Her Adorable Post

Mira Rajput in a still from the clip. (Image courtesy: mira.kapoor)


  • Mira Rajput shared a video on Friday
  • Misha can be seen applying eyeshadow on Mira’s eyelids in the clip
  • “Get your kid to do your makeup,” wrote Mira

New Delhi:

Mira Rajput got an adorable makeover from her little daughter Misha on Friday. Mira and Shahid Kapoor welcomed Misha in 2016. In her latest post on Instagram, Mira Rajput shared a super cute video of Misha applying pink eyeshadow on her mom’s eyelids. Just the sight of her daughter doing her makeup adorably left Mira Rajput in splits in the clip. In her post, Mira also shared her post-makeup look, clicked by the one and only Misha. “Makeovers at The Girls Club,” Mira wrote in the caption and added: “Makeup and photo credits: Little Missy. Get your kid to do your makeup!”

See Mira Rajput’s post here:

Mira Rajput often shares glimpses of her and little Misha’s Girls Club. For those who don’t know, Misha is also Mira’s in-house photographer. A couple of days ago, Mira shared an adorable mother-daughter moment featuring Misha, who will celebrate her birthday this month. The little munchkin can be seen sleeping while hugging Mira in the photo. “Let me love you a little more, before you’re not so little anymore. On some days my big girl still wants to hug me and sleep… And yes you wonder aren’t they old enough? But that’s what.. thankfully not just yet,” Mira Rajput wrote in the caption.

Meanwhile, also check out some more photos of Mira Rajput that prove that Misha is indeed a good photographer:

Mira Rajput married actor Shahid Kapoor in 2015. They welcomed Misha in 2016 and Zain was born in 2018.


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