How Mira Rajput Bounced Back Into A Chakrasana After Her Wrist Injury


How Mira Rajput Bounced Back Into A Chakrasana After Her Wrist Injury

From Mira Rajput’s Instagram (courtesy mira.kapoor)


  • Mira revealed she suffered wrist injury some time ago
  • Mira revealed practicing yoga has helped her gain strength
  • “Clearly I love yoga,” she wrote in her post

New Delhi:

Mira Rajput has chosen the yoga way of life – she is an absolute fan of yoga, glimpses of which she often shares on her Instagram. In her weekend post on Instagram, Mira Rajput revealed that she suffered wrist injury in the recent past and practicing yoga has helped her gain back strength in her arm. Mira shared a glimpse of her yoga routine – of her perfecting a Chakrasana – and added that without regular yoga and some pressure techniques, she wouldn’t have gained back her form. “Finally pulled myself up into a Chakrasana after a wrist injury. What’s helped is working through it with yoga, and allowing gently pressure in between stretches and extension drills,” Mira Rajput wrote in her post.

Giving a shout out to her yoga trainer, Mira Rajput added: “Clearly I love yoga and Sarvesh Shashi is the best teacher.”

Mira Rajput often fills up her Instagram with snippets of her fitness routine. “Breathe. Stretch. Release. Some days are great and some days you just need to res(e)t yourself, mentally and physically. Doesn’t matter if you’re perfect. What matters is that you show up,” she recently captioned a post.

Mira Rajput also recently trended a great deal when she was joined by her mom and grandmother on a virtual yoga session.


Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary in July this year. The couple often trend for their loved up posts for each other. Mira Rajput, however, has a separate fan base of over 2.7 million followers – her lifestyle videos on Instagram are absolute favourites.


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