Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18 May 2022 Written Updates

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th May 2022 Written Update: Thurat Troubles Sai

Sai pleads Machindra to listen to her and says nothing is more important to her than becoming a doctor and she will perform whatever duty he assigns for her. He asks if she is sure. She says yes and requests to let her go early today. He says he will give her an easy task then, calls a gynecologist Dr. Chanda and asks her to exchange her duty with Sai today. He asks Sai to perform a patient’s delivery and then go home. Sai gets tensed hearing that.

Bhavani calls Virat and asks if he will reach home on time with Sai. Virat says he will pick up Sai by 3 p.m. and will return home. Bhavani asks pick up from where, where is Sai. Virat says she is shopping in a mall to gift the guest ladies. Bhavani asks him to be on time and disconnects call. Sai asks Machindra how can she perform delivery for the first time so soon, sometimes labor pains carry forward for the next day. Machindra asks her to prove her competence in 15 minutes and then go home. Sai requests to let her inform her family as her phone is in a staff room locker. Machindra orders peon not to give access to anyone to the locker room until he permits and yells at Sai to move on.

Virat eagerly waits for Sai outside the hospital and asks a peon when will intern duty end. Peon asks him to go and find out himself. Virat hopes Sai comes out soon. At Chavan nivas, Ashwini makes arrangements and hopes Sai reaches home on time. Bhavani shows a gift she bought for Sai. Karishma gets ready in a beautiful sari and hopes everyone forgets Sai seeing her well dressed. Bhavani scolds her and asks if its her ritual. Pakhi taunts that Sai takes the limelight even she does mistakes always and they both are ignored. Bhavani says Sai will be on time as it’s still 3:45 p.m.

Sai tries her best to perform delivery while the pregnant lady panics and delays her delivery. Sai seeks nurse’s help. Nurse yells at Sai not to teach her and walks away.
Patient insists to call her husband. Sai tries to calm her down, but fails. Back home, Bhavani panics when Sai doesn’t return on time. Ashwini informs that Sai is shopping gifts for the guest ladies. Bhavani shows her concern for Sai. Pakhi brings mango juice for Bhavani and taunts her to cool down herself while waiting for Sai. Ashwini asks Pakhi why did she prepared mango juice while Sai had made preparations for it. Pakhi says she didn’t want guests to wait when they arrive. Bhavani yells at her for mocking the rituals and denies to have juice.

Virat continues to wait for Sai and thinks of walking in to check. Pregnant lady continues to throw tantrums and demands to meet her husband right now. Sai tries to calm her down. Thurat enters and taunts her that patient’s husband is yet to arrive and doctor’s husband is eagerly waiting for her in a parking lot like a majnu. Sai warns him to stop his personal comments on her when she is performing her professional duty. Thurat gets angry and orders her to inform her husband to remove his car from the parking lot as he is blocking ambulance space. Bhavani continues to worry for Sai while Pakhi continues to taunt her. Bhavani accuses her that she doesn’t want Sai to win.

Patient’s husband reaches hospital talking to her via video call. Virat reaches reception and questions the receptionist about interns. The receptionist informs that all interns are under Dr. Thurat’s supervision and he needs to speak to Thurat for any information. Patient’s husband reaches reception and asks about patient’s location when Sai notices Virat standing behind, asks husband to give phone to Virat and informs Virat that Thurat gave him a tough duty and it will take time for her to finish her duty. Thurat notices that and thinks Sai is acting smart, so he will make her task more tough. Back at home, Bhavani hears door dell and insists to open it herself. She opens the door and stands tensed.

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