Ghum Hai Kisi Key Pyaar Mein 12 May 2022 Written Updates

Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 12 May 2022 written update: Sai gains Bhawani’s trust

At the beginning of the episode, Bhawani tells Sai that today she will gift her something. She says that now she is the daughter-in-law of this house in a real sense. Rajiv says that he is thinking about the honeymoon. Bhawani says that in this house no one goes on a honeymoon. Karishma says that she also didn’t go anywhere with Mohit after their marriage. Sonali says but they have gone to take blessings at their kuldevi temple. Bhawani says that a couple should always go to take blessings from a religious place after their wedding.

Virat tells Sai that Bhawani is very happy with them. She says that they are doing wrong by hiding the truth from them. She says that they should tell her everything. She says that kaku will be happy with her because according to her now she has get the clear certificate that now she is her daughter-in-law of Chavan’s. Virat says that truth is a good thing but he will tell the truth at the right time. Meanwhile, Bhawani comes and ask what are they talking about? Sai tells Virat that Bhawani might have heard their conversation.

Bhawani tells Sai that she is very happy with her. She also Sai and Virat are they planning to not go to kuldevi temple with them? He says no. Virat ask Her that why she didn’t take them there earlier? She says that time his wife didn’t consider herself as the daughter-in-law of Chavan’s. Then Ashwini comes and brings a saree. Bhawani says that this saree belongs to the mother of Ninad, Omkar, Mansi and Shivani. She says that today she is going to give her this saree because she trust her.

She asks Virat to leave the room because today she will get Sai ready by herself. Then Bhawani tells Sai that she is like her and have a fore in herself to do something. She says that after her she wants someone to handle this house and she thinks that she is perfect for this. She says that she wants to make her like her. She says that she will give her training. Sai says that she wants to tell her something. Bhawani says that today only she will speak and she has to listen. Sai thinks that how could Bhawani trust her so much?

Bhawani says that she knows it might be difficult for her but she will make everything easy for her. Then Virat comes. Virat tells Sai that Bhawani has started loving them so much. He says that they need to wait sometime to tell her the truth. He tells her to leave this responsibility to him. Then they go downstairs. Sonali recognises that saree which Sai is wearing. Pakhi says that she don’t want to go. Bhawani says that she is also a member of this house and now everything is fine between her and Samrat so she should come with them.

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