Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10 May 2022 Written Updates

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th May 2022 Written Episod Update

Sai gets mesmerised seeing the decoration of the room. She smiles looking at the photos of her and Virat. Meanwhile, she shows her gratitude towards Virat for arranging the surprise for her. He sits along with her and expresses his unconditional love for her and says that he will always support her. They both confesses their true feelings for one another and says that it took them a long time to express it. At that time Sai remembers Virat’s decision on behalf of her and questions about it. She gets sad and tells him about her dream to become a doctor. She says that she always wanted to help the needy.

Here, Sai continues that Virat has always respected her decision and has supported her in career. She ask him that why he agreed to Bhavani’s condition, when he knew the importance of being a doctor for her. Virat calms her down and tries to explain himself.

Virat says that he doesn’t wanted anyone, including Bhavani to ruin their marriage. He tells the truth to Sai that he lied to Bhavani about stopping Sai from persuing her career. He says that Bhavani wasn’t ready to listen to them and that is why he lied to her, in order to handle the situation.

Elsewhere, Sai gets shocked by Virat’s revelation and tells that he did wrong by lying to Bhavani. She says that she doesn’t like to lie and she can’t start her career with a lie. Whereas, Virat clearifies his intentions to her and makes her explain that how important she is to him. She gets overwhelmed by his gesture.

Virat holds Sai’s hands and says that he can’t let anyone come in between them. He gets romantic with her, while she smiles and shows her affection towards him. Sai stops him from coming close to her and tells that she can’t start new beginning of her life before telling the truth to Bhavani.

Ahead, Virat tries to stop Sai and explains about the matter but she doesn’t listen to him and goes towards Bhavani’s room. Whereas, Ashwini confronts Bhavani and takes Virat and Sai’s side. Meanwhile, Bhavani tells that she did everything for the betterment of her family. She reminds how she have looked after Virat and tells that she can’t let him change for Sai.

Bhavani says that Virat have taken the right decision by marrying Sai and stopping her from pursuing her career. Whereas, Ashwini was about to interrupt, when Bhavani stops her and sees someone’s shadow on the door. She opens it to find Karishma and confronts her. Whereas, the latter gets scared and stammers to reply.

Further, Virat stops Sai from going inside Bhavani’s room and takes her away from there. He reminds that even she have lied while trying to save his job. She explains that her lie was different from his and states that she did it in compulsion. Virat assures her that he will tell the truth to Bhavani soon and ask her not to do it herself. She agrees to him and ask to get rid of the lie. They both finally comes to a decision and hugs each other.

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