3 Things That Mira Rajput Does Every Morning After Waking Up


3 Things That Mira Rajput Does Every Morning After Waking Up

Mira Rajput shared this photo. (Image courtesy: mira.kapoor )


  • Mira posted a video of herself on Tuesday
  • She listed her daily morning routine in the caption
  • “Healthy lifestyle,” she wrote in the caption

New Delhi:

Mira Rajput, on Tuesday, shared the three things she does every morning after waking up (and of course before drinking coffee). Mira posted a video and listed her daily morning routine that comprises “12 rounds of Anulom Vilom, posture correction exercises and raisin+ saffron water.” In the caption, she also stated how these habits contribute to good health. She wrote: “3 things I do after I wake up. (After I’ve snoozed 7 times of course). 1) 12 rounds of Anulom Vilom: it’s like 3 espresso shots but without the jitters. Gets you mentally ready for the day, calm, rejuvenated and a wake up for the brain! 2) Posture Correction Exercises: It’s really changed the way I stand and carry myself. Simple stretches and holds to open up the shoulders, neck, traps and chest especially after sleeping all curled up. It also helps with blood flow and puffiness dissipates quickly. You feel great through the whole day!”

Mira added: “3) Drink raisin+ saffron water: A practice for every woman, and I’ve been doing this for the last 3 years. I soak 5 raisins and a strand of saffron every night in 1/4 cup of water and drink (or eat) it first thing in the morning. It helps with hormonal balancing, pain-free periods, acne and PMS. I’ve felt the difference myself. Drink your warm water or whatever you prefer after.”

After all these activities daily, Mira Rajput takes her first cup of coffee of the day.

See Mira Rajput’s post:

Mira Rajput is a fitness enthusiast and anyone who follows her on Instagram knows it. Recently, she shared a video comprising clips of workout sessions and TBH, it is inspiring in every way. “Work it, make it, do it. Makes us harder, better, faster, stronger,” she captioned the clip.

Also, these videos and pictures of Mira Rajput shows that her morning routine and workout sessions have indeed helped her get a flawless glowing skin:

Mira Rajput married actor Shahid Kapoor on July 7 in 2015. They are parents to two kids.


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